Airbnb apartments: promo codes and coupons 2019, discount for the first booking, reviews

This successful San Francisco start-up was launched in 2008. By now it has gained surprising popularity worldwide. Just imagine: it started from only a few hundred apartments!

Today, Airbnb offers accommodations in different cities and countries for every taste and budget. Rooms, hostel beds, tourist trailers, apartments, yacht housing, furnished caves, plus more. The number of options available is striking, and you can get special offers and discounts on a regular basis.

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The received promo code is activated for the paying rent over $78 (the information is valid for the time of writing this article and may be changed at any moment). Planning a trip at a lower cost? Use the coupon later! As for this trip, you can use other discounts, discussed in this article.

Attention: At the turn of 2018-2019, the service offers the biggest discount for the first reservation. It’s the best time to discover the world with Airbnb!

Airbnb registration: a few steps to cost-efficient trips around the world

You clicked the link and proceeded to the registration process. You are just a few steps away from unforgettable and comfortable traveling and lodging.

  1. The official website offers several methods to sign up: via social networks (Facebook, Google+) or per email. Choose the appropriate option and enter your data in the appropriate fields.

Perfect apartments on Airbnb: how to choose the right one

By registering, you need to agree to respect all Airbnb community members: such are the rules of the service.

  1. Wait for the notification in your account or for a confirmation email and use the link to confirm the registration.
  2. Upload your real photo.
  3. Enter a phone number, wait for the message with the confirmation code, and enter it in the required field.

Your registration is complete! Just one more simple procedure is ahead: fill out the fields in your profile.

Learn more about hacks and tricks: what is important to consider when booking

To do this, select the option “Edit profile” in the account menu. If possible, fill out the suggested fields: specify the contact details, mark out some information on your hobbies, and note your preferred way of traveling and favorite cuisine. Website users write about their favorite books, music, and movies. No surprise: the service is based on communication and friendship.

Airbnb aims to create a platform that is safe for all parties. Make sure you specify real information only! This will help the host understand what to expect and how to contact you.

Perfect apartments on Airbnb: how to choose the right one

After signing up, it’s time to move on to choosing suitable apartments.

  1. Before you start, select your preferred currency and language.
  2. In the search box, specify the place and planned dates of the trip, plus the number of travelers.
  3. Do not forget to indicate the type of accommodation you are interested in. Airbnb offers the following options: entire accommodation (you will have the whole place at your disposal), a room (it will be for personal use, but other residential areas may have to be shared with the hosts or other guests), and a common room (for several guests).
  4. Specify the price range: this will save a lot of time while searching.

Airbnb apartments: promo codes and coupons 2019, discount for the first booking, reviews

The rental price largely depends on the apartment location (lodging in a city center and proximity to transport interchange lines and local sights and attractions is usually more expensive).

  1. Pay attention to the option “More filters.” Here, you can specify the additional amenities you want to see in the apartments you rent: Internet access, TV available, an intercom, plus more.
  2. If you plan to travel with children or pets, make sure you use the appropriate filter.
  3. Having ticked all the necessary items, click on “See homes.”

Learn more about hacks and tricks: what is important to consider when booking

On the website you will find rental options according to the parameters you enter. On the right side you will see a map of the place you plan to visit. There, you can mark the preferred housing location right away.

  • Visit the page of the apartments you are interested in and learn more about them.
  • Carefully read the information on accommodations in general and look through the photos. Be sure to pay attention to the location, proximity to a historical city center, and availability of public transport. For example, in the city of St. Petersburg, the proximity to underground stations is of prime importance.
  • Study the rules of the house in detail: they can fundamentally differ from those listed by other owners. Most likely smoking, extra guests, and parties are forbidden. Some housing doesn’t allow small children or animals. Take into account all the details to avoid troubles after arrival.
  • Interested in an apartment for a business trip? Look for ads marked with a special icon in the form of a briefcase: these housing options are equipped with everything necessary for business tourists. Since 2016, the site has offered a new type of promotional code: $50 for a business trip. To purchase this coupon, you need to find the section “Airbnb for Work” in your personal account and enter your corporate mail address.

Do not miss the chance: how to book and pay for an apartment on Airbnb

The coupon for the first trip mentioned above can be used even when paying for your first business trip.

  • Evaluate the list of additional bonuses provided by the owner: your accommodations may be equipped with a washing machine, bath accessories, and a hair dryer. Specify whether it is possible to use the kitchen, and if so, on what conditions. Sometimes the price includes breakfast. There are options when the host offers this service for a fee (at the request of the guest).
  • Carefully read the available testimonials about the accommodations you like (Airbnb publishes only verified feedback). This is an informative way to learn more about the place at which you plan to stay, as it usually contains information that you never find in the general description.

Newer accommodations may not have received feedback yet, but could be available for rent at discounted prices to improve the rating. If you are not worried about taking a small risk, do not miss a chance to save some money.

  • Sometimes owners provide special rental conditions: for example, an additional fee is required for cleaning or inviting additional guests.
  • Pay attention to the discounts offered: some hosts cut the price for renting their apartments for prolonged periods (more than a week or a month).

How to cancel: types of booking cancellation on Airbnb

Do not miss the chance: how to book and pay for an apartment on Airbnb

Selecting the appropriate accommodation, look for the “Instant Book” option. If there is one, you won’t have to wait for the owner’s confirmation: after clicking the “Book” button, the payment will be carried out automatically. All you need is to discuss with the host individual details associated with the arrival and placement.

If this option is not available, send a reservation request to the host. Briefly inform the host about the upcoming trip and ask questions, if you have any. Communication with the host will be saved in messages.

Once the apartment host has accepted the request (except for Instant Book options), you can pay by credit and debit cards: Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover, JCB, and some others.

On Airbnb, a fee is charged for each reservation: this ensures stable operation of the service and security for its users.

Please note that paying cash out of the official website is strictly prohibited. In this case, your account can be deleted.

After the money transfer, you will receive an electronic confirmation of the reservation with the address of the apartment and the phone of the owner. Pack your bags!

How to cancel: types of booking cancellation on Airbnb

Many people prefer booking apartments in advance, which is very convenient. In this regard, it is worth considering what cancellation options are available on the housing website:

  • Flexible – 100% refund up to 24 hours prior to check-in.
  • Moderate – 100% refund if the trip is cancelled more than 5 days prior to check-in.
  • Strict – 50% refund from the total amount in the event of cancellation of the trip at least one week in advance.

In rare cases you may find super strict cancellation rules (a 50% refund if the cancellation was announced at 30+ days before the planned check-in). For all long-term rental offers (more than 28 days), special long-term cancellation rules apply.

On Airbnb, a specific type of cancellation is indicated in each ad. Be careful!

How to save on Airbnb: apartment at a discount

If you have coupons at your disposal, they can be used for booking in accordance with the following rules:

  • Only one coupon can be used to pay for one living space, and it can be used only once.
  • After the coupon expiration, it can’t be reactivated.
  • You cannot pay for an existing booking with a coupon. Apply it to your next trip.

For those who already have an account on Airbnb and don’t have a first trip discount, the service suggests using special promo codes (this is an alphanumeric combination that users should paste into the special field at the final stage of booking) when purchasing a rental. They are periodically updated and contain special features for a particular country or city.

How to save on Airbnb: apartment at a discount

In 2018 and 2019, valid codes include:

  • POLOGNE2016 (works almost everywhere)
  • NORVEGE2016
  • SICILE2016
  • MAROC2016
  • PORTUGAL2016
  • ESPAGNE2016
  • MALTE2016
  • CROATIE2016

These codes can work for booking accommodations in other countries as well. Here is the list of valid promo codes for cities:

  • DUBLIN2016
  • FLORENCE2016
  • MILAN2016
  • LONDRES2016
  • MOSCOU2016
  • ISTANBUL2016
  • LISBONNE2016
  • NEWYORK2016
  • MADRID2016
  • MIAMI2016
  • BERLIN2016
  • BUDAPEST2016
  • MONTREAL2016
  • PRAGUE2016
  • ROME2016
  • SF2016

The newest promotional codes, valid in 2017, provide a discount for housing in Barcelona and Paris. To use these coupons, you need to enter symbols according to the example. For example, “CITY2018” would translate to “BARCELONE2018.” It is highly possible that they will work in early 2019 as well. Also, it is recommended to try entering the current year in older promo codes.

It should be noted that Airbnb has started to give fewer promo codes for specific countries and cities, as the service has gained worldwide fame. Perhaps in 2019, even fewer of them will work. Save on traveling now using promo codes!

New Year’s Eve brings with it the probability of New Year’s coupons. Do not miss the opportunity to go on a fabulous winter trip at a bargain price! Subscribe to the newsletter and keep updated.

Share information and get discounts on booking from Airbnb

Traveling with Airbnb? Invite your friends and family: they are worthy of comfortable trips with the top accommodation website, too!

By using your invitation, your friends will receive a bonus for the first booking. Immediately after the end of your friend’s trip, you will receive a discount as well. Bonuses are accrued if your friends act as hosts on the website, too.

The total amount of bonuses received shouldn’t exceed $5,000.

Frequent business trips are not a reason to sacrifice comfort. Add the address of your corporate email to the corresponding field, and after you come back from your first business trip starting from $98, you will get a $39 bonus (the offer is valid during the time of writing this article, it may change at any moment).

Welcome home! Don’t forget to visit your Airbnb profile

When you successfully return home, there is one very important step to take: leave your honest testimonial on the website.

After the end of the trip, the guest has 14 days to leave feedback about the accommodation. It’s up to you, whether to take this opportunity or not, but we would recommend it. Why?

  • The feedback left by the host will not appear in your profile until a similar step is made by you. On Airbnb, the availability of such information about users is very important, both for the hosts and for the guests. For safety reasons, sometimes hosts may cancel a booking request from a guest with no reviews.
  • Remember how useful you found reviews left by other users at the stage of choosing an apartment. Now it’s your turn to help other travelers. Indicate all the key points associated with your rental experience.
  • The service periodically awards bonuses to those who actively use the system to leave interesting and useful testimonials. In order to track such bonuses timely, subscribe to the official website’s newsletter.

Why travelers around the world recommend Airbnb to their friends

Many tourists say that renting apartments using this world-famous service is more convenient than looking for a hotel room.

  • You can enjoy the sights around the world, and immerse yourself in the local flavor of unfamiliar cities and countries. After returning home, tourists often share their impressions of the service: “I felt at home! As if I visited my relatives in the other country.”
  • Rental housing on trips is an ideal solution for families with children.
  • You save significantly when renting an apartment: it’s no secret that many hotels skyrocket the prices during busy seasons. By choosing apartments, you can save a lot of money.
  • In case of unforeseen situations, site users can apply for support to the Problem Solving Center.
  • An important advantage of housing rentals: hosts always agree on late check-outs or early check-ins. In addition, tourists often mention that hosts meet them at the station or at the airport for free.

A curious fact: during the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Airbnb helped the organizing committee tremendously. The housing stock was not enough for all the guests and fans, and this service became a rescue for city guests. In 2018, the experience is going to be repeated at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, Republic of Korea.

A note from experienced travelers: the most “delicious” housing options, perfect in their price-to-quality ratio, are sold out in no time. Therefore, do not wait for vacation time! Sign up now right using this link:

Link to receive a bonus for your first booking

Booking apartments via Airbnb is a great opportunity to make your stay in another city more profitable and comfortable. You deserve the best apartments from the best accommodation service!

Why travelers around the world recommend Airbnb to their friends?

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